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Kelly’s Court Debates: Indiana Hairdressers Claim Co-Worker Cut Them Out of $9.5 Million Lottery Win

Seven Indiana hair stylists are set to do battle in court against a co-worker who they say cut them out of $9.5 million in lottery winnings. A Marion County judge placed a hold on the payout, for now, after Christina Shaw claims she purchased the winning ticket separate from the batch of tickets she bought for the group.

The attorney for

the women says the stylists routinely pooled $5 each to buy lottery tickets, and thought they had come up with a winner on Feb. 16. He also said the women had an agreement that the purchaser would go to a different seller if she wanted to buy tickets on her own.

Megyn Kelly took a look at the case today with former prosecutor Mark Eiglarsh and defense attorney Randy Zelin. Eiglarsh said the key factor in the case is the oral agreement that the women say they had about not buying personal tickets at the same place as the tickets for the group.

Zelin disagreed, saying the court is going to need to see written proof of such an agreement between the women before ordering the money to be split up. Eiglarsh said aside from the seven women, three other people who are not involved in the lottery pool are prepared to also testify that the agreement existed.

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