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Jerry Sandusky Trial: Prosecution Rests as Defense Begins

Earlier on Studio B, Judge Andrew Napolitano and Randy Zelin shared their legal opinions on the trial for Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky accused of child molestation. The prosecution has rested in this trial, but today was the start of the defense’s testimony.

Napolitano predicts that the defense team for Jerry Sandusky will most likely decide tonight whether or not he will go on the stand and give his own testimony tomorrow.

Zelin asserted, “Horrific allegations, I need evidence.”

Napolitano said that he foresees the college paying the students a lot of money right away for humanitarian reasons because he doesn’t think they want to have these kids testify. “[Penn State] wants to turn the page and move to the next phase of its history, it doesn’t want this thing hanging around any longer than it has to be,” he added.

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