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Heart Attack Grill’s ‘Unofficial Spokesman’ Dies: Megyn Kelly Discusses Potential Legal Issues for the Belt-Busting Restaurant

The unofficial spokesman and a regular patron of the Heart Attack Grill died Monday after suffering an apparent heart attack. John Alleman, 52, collapsed while waiting for a bus outside the Las Vegas eatery, which has made headlines for boasting about its colossal, artery-clogging offerings. For instance, the Quadruple Bypass

Burger packs nearly 10,000 calories and can be paired with a Butterfat Milkshake and Flatliner Fries.

Though he was not on the company’s payroll, Alleman did appear on the menu and in ads. In March 2011, the company’s previous spokesman, 29-year Blair River, died of a heart attack after tipping the scales at 575 pounds. Another patron also suffered a heart attack in the restaurant last year.

If you weigh 350 pounds or more, you can eat for free at Heart Attack Grill, where customers are encouraged to wear hospital gowns while they indulge.

On Kelly’s Court today, Megyn Kelly discussed the potential liability issues for the Heart Attack Grill with former prosecutors Randy Zelin and Jonna Spilbor. Kelly asked Zelin whether the company is at risk for a lawsuit and/or whether public health officials could actually shut down the restaurant.

“Yes and yes,” Zelin said, pointing out that the customer’s “‘assumption of the risk’ stops when someone has superior knowledge or may not be telling everybody everything.”

“Do we really expect these people to recognize that they could actually drop dead?” Zelin argued.

Spilbor said there is no liability for the restaurant because the heart-related risks of eating this kind of food is common knowledge.

“Here’s a quick analogy. If a pregnant woman is sitting at a bar drinking a glass of wine or something alcoholic and something happens to her baby, is it the bartender’s fault or is it the mother’s fault?” asked Spilbor.

Watch the discussion, and tell us what you think about it!

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