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Drunk Passenger Causes Hijack Scare on Virgin Australia Flight

Should there be a two drink minimum to prevent these incidents on planes?

An allegedly drunk passenger caused a hijack scare on board a Virgin Australia flight. The drama happened about half an hour before the plane was supposed to land in Bali.

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Police say 27-year-old Matt Lockley started banging on the cockpit door. The Australian plumber reportedly wanted medication that was inside his suitcase. It turns out the meds were in his seatback pocket.

When the ruckus began, the captain notified air traffic controllers in Bali that the plane was being hijacked. The airport was immediately locked down and went on high alert. The rowdy man was handcuffed for the remainder of the flight. He was greeted by armed guards when the plane landed.

This is just the latest scare caused by a drunk passenger. Now, there are growing calls to limit the number of alcoholic beverages served on planes to prevent these incidents.

On Your World, attorney Randy Zelin argued that a few out-of-control people shouldn’t ruin drinking on flights for the rest of us.

“Those isolated incidents, they’re terrible. I certainly wouldn’t want to experience it. But to now give flight attendants the added responsibility of babysitting adults and figuring out how many drinks you should have, that is just inappropriate and well beyond the scope of their duties,” he said.

Etiquette trainer Lisa Birnbach debated that a little babysitting is worth keeping the rest of the passengers safe from one bad apple.

Guest host Charles Payne agreed, adding, “Stopping someone from getting drunk might be a lot better than actually having to deal with them afterwards.”

Watch the debate above and tell us where you stand on this issue – should there be a two drink maximum on flights?

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