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DEBATE: Should FL Judge Have Ordered Man to Take Wife to Dinner, Bowling in Domestic Dispute Case?

According to police reports, a man put his hands around his wife’s neck and shoved her onto her couch, after a dispute over his failure to wish her a happy birthday. Since the wife said she was not afraid of her husband at all, the Florida judge called it a minor incident.

The judge’s orders were, “What we’re going to do is, he’s going to be out of jail by 3:00 today, and he’s going to stop by somewhere and he’s going to get a card, he’s going to get flowers, and then he’s going to go home and pick up his wife, get dressed and take her to Red Lobster. After they have Red Lobster they’re going to go bowling, alright.”

In addition to the night out, the judge ordered the couple to visit a marriage counselor within a week.

Mercedes Colwin and Randy Zelin joined Studio B to discuss whether the judge’s orders were fair.

Colwin said, “Domestic violence has to be stopped, otherwise someone is going to die and he took it as a joke.” Zelin doesn’t think he needs to be locked up and thinks it’s about time that we see a judge who assesses a situation in the moment, uses his common sense, and has some guts.

Colwin fought back to Zelin saying, “When a man puts a hand on a woman the way he did, game over,” while Zelin interrupted saying, “People make mistakes.”

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